Why People Love This Course

  • Learning LIVE

    Learning live is a whole other experience compared to learning online. Personal interaction, Live trading, Live Examples, Great atmosphere while building new friendships with like minded people.

  • For All Skill Levels

    The hardest part about picking a course is knowing if its right for you. We simplified this course to suit any skill level while providing the most value possible.

  • Technical Analysis Simplified

    Understanding Crypto Jargen can sometimes be confusing. We have broken down the terms to make it easy to understand so that learning Technical Analysis will be as easy as A-B-C

What you will Learn!!

  • You will learn the best times to enter and exit trades

  • You will learn the psychology of what it takes to be a trader

  • You will learn the importance of risk management to protect your profits

  • You will learn how indicators assist traders and the best ones to use

  • You will learn advanced Bitmex strategies

  • You will learn about the mindset required for trading

  • You will learn how to trade a bull and bear market

  • You will learn about Margin Trading with correct risk management

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Event Location: NOVOTEL

Surfers Paradise Gold Coast, QLD

Friday 4pm - 10pm Saturday 8.30am - 9pm Sunday 8.30am - 6pm

Event Date: 15th -17th Nov

Boardroom Day : 18th Nov

Looking to go Next Level after the event then join the Boardroom Day

What you will learn at the Boardroom Day!!

The Boardroom day is a day like no other. If you want to have the opportunity to be up close and personal to Paul, Jason and Michael, the Boardroom day is that opportunity. Limited to a small number of people who want to get to the next level. This day is designed to help you move forward and get clear on what you want - this is not a day focused on trading but a day to understand some of the challenges, road blocks and belief systems that may be holding you back from your true potential. Proximity is critical - set yourself up for success Every great leader, every truly successful business owner, everyone with true abundance in life knows the real un-matched power of this type of environment. Expect the unexpected - Take control.

  • Uncover your Hidden Road Blocks

  • Discover your belief systems and what may be holding you back

  • Be around others who have the same mindset as you

  • Get clear on what you actually want

  • Create a road map to achieve it

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  • Jason Grigg

    Technical Analyst

    Jason Grigg

    Jason has life experience as far as the eye can see from living in different countries running international businesses being involved with realestate and property development and in the last few years of being a qualified Financial Advisor it lead him into Forex and Cryptocurrency trading which is now a huge part of his life. Jason has a massive vision of being able to train thousands of people the true art of trading forex and cryptocurrency.
  • Michael Slogget

    Technical Analyst

    Michael Slogget

    Michael is the Founder of Second To None Nutrition, an investor in businesses across Australia and Asia. Michael also sits on the International Advisory Council for a billion dollar company that is listed in the top 700 of the Inc 5000. He has successfully built multiple million dollar companies and has utilised social media as a main platform for growth on almost all of them. Along with being heavily involved in property Michael is a huge investor in the Crypto space and has been mentored by some of the worlds best traders. Michael is an international speaker and trainer who truly loves to see others win big, So they can then give back.
  • Paul Treloar

    Personal Development Coach

    Paul Treloar

    A successful Entrepreneur and Businessman, Paul has spent years committed to learning and developing both his business skills and the psychology that drives success. 'I’m confident that I can add massive value to all areas of your life so that you can experience total fulfilment from everything that you do. My Passion is to work closely with like-minded people and use my skills to help guide you, to achieve whatever it is that’s driving you. You know, most people that I come into contact with don’t really want to take responsibility for what they have in life. The fact that you’re here and the behaviours and commitment you’ve exhibited thus far assure me that you’re serious and have a great chance of really transforming your life, regardless of where you are now or the success you have already achieved, there’s always another level. The ONLY person who has control over your outcome, your business, your life – IS YOU. I will help you uncover the blockages that are holding you back.'