Why you should be here

  • Learning LIVE

    Learning live is a whole other experience compared to learning online. Personal interaction, Live trading, Live Examples, Great atmosphere while building new friendships with like minded people.

  • Live Trading Sessions

    Knowing how to trade is one thing but being able to trade live with the right people while enjoying the experience in an amazing atmosphere is another.

  • Proximity is Power

    They say your network represents your networth. Surround yourself with the right people who can help you achieve your goals at the next level.

This retreat will change lives....

Our retreat is designed to ensure you not only get everything you need to be a successful trader, but you will also Discover the rituals and habits of the abundant and create an empowering routine for an amazing year. Make no mistake – it’s time to get real and set new standards. There is no better way to kick start your trading in 2019!

Is this for you?

  • You will learn the best times to enter and exit trades LIVE

  • You will learn the psychology of what it takes to be a professional trader

  • You will learn about the mindset required for trading

  • You will learn how to trade a bull and bear market

  • You will learn about Margin Trading with correct risk management

  • You want to generate extra income this year

  • This is the year you really take action and build wealth

  • If you want to refine your skills, learn new skills, Just get started or take your current trading to another level this is for you.

  • Be around like minded people who are committed to success

  • You believe in the value of association through Proximity

Event Location: The Lind Boracay

Station 1, Boracay Philippines